Convert OpenWeather epoch time

From OpenWeatherMap I get the sunrise ("payload.sunrise") but it is in epoch format (see image). I am unable to program the function node to display the time in human readable format and I have also not been able to do so with the information on this forum.

Can someone help me with the correct code for that function


Hi @HaVi

Using a change node, you can format out the dates for your objects using JSONata.

$fromMillis(payload.sunrise*1000,'[Y0001]-[M01]-[D01] [H01]:[m01]:00')

Add a line for each of your date timestamps in the change node

Or if you prefer the Function node approch.

let d = new Date(0);
msg.payload.sunrise = d

Thanks for helping Marcus, I chose the function node and it works perfectly!

I use this: node-red-contrib-moment (node) - Node-RED


I also wanted to chime in with the moment node. It's one of the first nodes I install on every new install of node-red, if not the first.

I did once use moment, but it can only process 1 property at a time (unless I'm mistaken)
So if you have multiple in 1 payload, it will become cumbersome to use.

The op seems to have 2, using the change node is much easier for situations like this.
Or maybe @TotallyInformation can develop a new one, that can process multiple properties using the more modern lib Day.js :wink:

i did not know this. I have only tried it one one value at a time

Nice to know! Though I'll be the first to admit that it hasn't had any TLC in a long time. Gets the job done though. Really needs replacing with something that uses a more current library since Moment isn't being developed any more. I just don't have time to do it.

Yes, it does, though I guess you could run your data through more than one :grin:


I would love to have the time. Sadly, I don't. Still if someone did have the time, I'd be more than happy to let them loose on the repo and I'd even help :wink: Probably best to have a new node in the package so that people weren't disrupted by the change.

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Also a nice node to use, thanks for pointing it out. It's good to see how much support there is on the forum!

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