How to extract time from "node-red-contrib-sunpos"?

Hi all,
I installed "node-red-contrib-sunpos" to display the position of the sun in real time. This function works.
This node is used to display the sunset time "msg.payload.endTime" as can be seen on the debug (N°1): in seconds.
If I click on the Debug payload (N°2): endTime is displayed in Hexa
If I still click (N°3) I display in world time (?)
If I click again (N°4) I display in local time "UTC + 2" => It is this last value that I wish to recover from this Node.

Note: we see this value under the Node. (Status node)

Do you know how I can recover this value directly in UTC + 2?

Thank you

Search "JavaScript epoch to date and time" (or similar)

Alternatively, install the "moment" node to do format conversions.

Thanks for the answer, I'll watch this.
It's still annoying to have recourse to an additional node, whereas the "suncalc" node already has this function of epoch => date & time, integrated. I do not like to change the already existing flow, but I will try ... to pass the time lol

Why not ask the author to include that in the returned data or even better fix the code and do a pull request on it?

you're right, I'll do all this :wink:

And here it is done thanks to @alisdairjsmyth :star_struck:

var d = new Date (msg.payload.endTime);
var n = d.toLocaleTimeString ();
msg.endLocaleTime = n;

// ********** displays the status of the Node **********
node.status ({text: n});

return msg;