Convert string date format

Hi guys, thanks for every help then you give to me.

Now i need to solve this. I have a value sting date, I need to reformat it.
the orignal --> new format.
06/11/2020 --> 2020-11-06

How may I do it?

You can do something like this:

function padZero(i) {
    return i < 10 ? "0"+i : i;

const dateString = "06/11/2020";
const parts = dateString.split("/");
const date = new Date(Number(parts[2]), Number(parts[1]) - 1, Number(parts[0]));

const newDateString = date.getFullYear()+'-' + (padZero(date.getMonth()+1)) + '-'+padZero(date.getDate());

lets me try this!

Now is the question or the input date is US or rest of the world notation.
Eq is 6 the month or 11 the month :wink:

The "official" date is DD/MM/YYYY

Alternatively this might do it for you, assuming it is coming in in msg.payload then
msg.payload = msg.payload.split("/").reverse().join("-")

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Ouuuwwww, very simple!!!
It works, thanks a lot.

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