Convert the output of flow timer node to human readable format in node red

Hi guys ,

I have a doubt in the output of flow timer node .
Is it possible to convert the start and stop time to human readable form .

try clicking on that line in the debug. If it recognises it as a time it will roll over to showing it in other formats.

Yes it is changing @dceejay
But how can we get it in milisecond or micrsecond form

it is in milliseconds from epoch form already.

If you want to format it in other ways then you can do
const start = new Date(msg._performance.start)
assuming I have got the path correct. Then you can use all the methods of javascript Date to manipulate it.

oh okay i am new to node red. I did not knew it is in ms already
thank you for your reply .

Ok it was helpful thank you @Colin


For difficult or aggravating date / time manipulation you can also install the Moment node which offers some very extensive capabilities. Maybe more than you need?



Thank you @paulkeates i will try with moment node

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