converting number

Hello!Im new to this and i'm trying to make a split of a number. The payload comes from Mqtt,actually a IFM AL1920 I/O link module

I'm trying to split it into 6 payloads so i can read the temp, level and status of the module. The picture shows what i'm trying to do

The {"topic":"stama8","payload":24205748502396670,"qos":0,"retain":false,"_topic":"stama8","_msgid":"3112939d.ee21ec"}mqtt

Very similar questions have been raised recently in the forum. Have you done a forum search?


I have a similar issue running a AL1341 reading two words from SA4100.

When I try bit shifting it doesnt give the accurate value, have you been successful?

It appears you aren't trying to convert a number as much as parse it. You don't say what the values should be but google javascript parse and you should have a few examples

What does the data look like (show us the debug output) AND what should it look like?

If it is a buffer or an integer array, the node-red-contrib-buffer-parser node can probably do this in one go.

@DrdP as this thread is 2y old I will close it. If you still have an issue, please open a new thread & include more detail.