Coordinate mapping

Hi all,
I've got a project on the go where i am trying to map agricultural fields.
The farm has 5 blocks and i need to determine if a input location is within the specific field and return the name of that field.
This would be really easy if the blocks were squares but they all polygon shapes.
I haven't worked with coordinates before and this might be out of the scope of node red but any help would be appreciated.

What you are describing is geofence

There are contrib nodes that do this. Attach the flow library.

Example: node-red-node-geofence (node) - Node-RED

Exactly what I was looking for thanks

This is a great node!
Is there a way to view in satellite mode or enter coordinates for the shape?
I can't see what I'm mapping in road map mode

Have added a satellite layer for you in version 0.3.0 - hope that helps.

Thank you so much! Truly appreciate what you guys are doing!

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