Copy Node-red Install on Windows server offline

I think this question has been posted several times but i don't find any solution working...:

I've got a windows server with no internet connection, so impossible to install node-red online with NPM.

I tried to copy the node-red folder, make a tgz, etc.. but nothing works... Is there a solution to install node-red offline ? I don't understand why there is no alternative today to do such a simple thing in a simple way...

Thanks in advance ! :sweat_smile:

Maybe because it isn't as simple as you think? Or maybe it is so simple that it doesn't need anything further? Take your pick.

The only real complexity with having to install offline is the way that npm works with globally installed packages. If you don't install Node-RED globally, you will find things a LOT easier in this case.

  1. On a machine of the same OS and CPU type with the same version of Node.js as your target, create a folder to hold everything.
  2. Install Node-RED to that folder
  3. Create a sub-folder to be the userDir that normally exists at ~/.node-red
  4. Start Node-RED with that userDir
  5. Install any extra nodes that you need.
  6. Copy the folder from #1 to the target machine.

If you use my alternate installer for Node-RED everything from 1 to 3 is done for you and 4 is taken care of because you get a package.json file in your root folder that lets you do npm start.

You can copy the folders created by the alternate installer.

Be warned though, those folders will be BIG. You will at the very least want to zip them up before copying.

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I installed node-red on a computer with active internet connection. I copied the /.node-red folder to other PC (no internet). When I use powershell to run node-red, I get node-red is not recognized.

Do i need to add node-red to path environment of windows? If yes, how can i do that?

Nodejs is already installed.


Have you installed node-red on the other computer? The .node-red directory just contains the flow data - it isn't the application itself.

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