Correct Filename to load from remote share drive


Hi ,

I'm using motionEye to capture motion events and to store the evidence as jpg and mp4. I'm able to transfer the filename (\\ to Node-Red. This filename works when used in any desktop app or browser to open the file.

Unfortunately, the node red file load says that the file does not exist. It only works for local files (/home/pi/shares/video.mp4).

Can anybody help? .. I do need to load the remote file into a node red buffer object.

thx for your help and ideas



What exactly do you put in the browser URL? I do not think it is what you posted.
Also is that running the browser on the pi?



sorry, the double "]" was not showing otherwise the filename as shown above is correct

  • The file share \\ is on a raspberry 3 running motionEye
  • Node-Red is running on another RPI (
  • the browser URL I have successfully tested on my WIN Chrome browser (same subnet as RPI)


In the browser is it http://192...etc?
If so then it isn't a share and you will have to use an http node to fetch it. However if you have shared the folder using samba then you you should be able to mount the share as a folder on the node red pi and access it as a file. That is the way I would do it.



Is a network share using SMB (Server Message Block - a Microsoft standard). To access that, you need SAMBA installed and configured. However, I've not tried the file node with a network file share - I think it should work.



If this is really a network share then you may need you use \ to escape the \ characters - so \192. will become \\192.

If it's actually a url (you mention in bullet 3) then you may need an http request node instead of a file node.



yes, the motionEye RPi is running Samba and sharing the according images. Unfortunately the file node is not able to access this file share.

I will try to mount the samba share onto NR.



You will doubtless want to mount the share into your Pi's filing system. Then NR should have no issues.



Yes, mounting the remote share to the Node-Red RPi has done the trick and I'm able to load the content.

thx a lot everyone