Move file to network pc


I'm totally new to node red, and also raspberry, and I am trying to fight to move txt files to a pc within the network.

I trying use the "node-red-contrib-fs-ops" move node , there no problem when files are moved between folders within raspberry.

But an error occurs when the file tries to be moved to a folder with the root on another pc within the network.

this folder is properly shared, and I can access it by browsing the network.

Can someone point me the right way?


What error does it tell you?

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This is the error:


I don't think you can simply copy files from a Pi to a Windows share without mounting the windows share on the Pi or other involved methods

I've never managed to do it :frowning:

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In fact is not windons, is Centos (linux), but it makes no difference anyway, it's exactly the same error
linux or windons,

There is any away to mount a unit by node-red?


If you are copying from one machine to another, then I'd use the scp command line tool to do the copy. Once I had the command working outside of Node-RED, I'd use an Exec node to run it from within Node-RED.

Sorry, "scp"? here I can set?


I agree that SCP is likely to be the easiest between 2 Linux devices.

If you really do need to use the SMB share, look here: