Is it possible to copy and move a folder in Node-Red?

Is it possible to copy and move a folder in NordRed?

I want to copy a folder on Raspberry Pi or Windows and move it to a specific folder. Is there any example of how to copy a folder?

Do you need Node-RED flow to set up the directory names or would they be fixed?

Simplest way on a Pi (assuming it's running Linux) is to use the exec node to run the mv command.

mv Command Examples in Linux: Move Files and Directories has some examples and explanation as does mv Command Examples in Linux but there are many other examples on the net.

No idea how to do it in Windows but a quick Google shows the command line has a move command.

You can do this in low-code flow (no OS specific commands) using node-red-contrib-fs-ops

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Was not sure on this as the notes on v1.4.1 (my first hit) say:

Simple node to copy files

But I notice on GitHub that the move ability is listed and another link shows this is possible in a later version node-red-contrib-fs-ops (node) - Node-RED

Bit concerned the two versions show up with no link between them or a way of selecting the latest on the page :frowning: - going to raise question on this...

Wonder how much else I've missed...

v1.4.1 looks like it is node-red-contrib-fs as apposed to node-red-contrib-fs-ops.
These are two different nodes.

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