How to copy file from shared folder to shared folder using node-red flow


It is possible to copy file from one shared folder to another shared folder using node-red flow? How?

Windows or Linux or Mac?

Node-RED running on linux and I wanna copy file from windows file share to linux file share.

If you can't find a better way you can always use an exec node to do the copy.

How to connect to remote host from exec node? I can ssh to remote server ok. When I run command from exec node I get error:

Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
Host key verification failed.

If you are copying files shouldn’t you try scp rather than ssh ?

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I thought you indicated that the folders were already shared. If so then you can use the normal system copy command to copy from one share to the other.

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I try bigssh node. And I think should do the work :sunglasses:

thx all for help :beers: