Counterfeit DS18B20

I just found this in another forum:

[edit] This link also shows that the real DS18B20 is also a lot more accurate than we think!


Stumbled upon your post. Knee jerk reaction on my part to respond. Pardon me!

Related thoughts on DHT11 sensors too! My personal experience with DHT11 (since 2013) is that defect rate for bulk purchases can be as high as 20% for some lots. Use it mainly for training projects. Truly a buyer beware condition.

Also, I avoid Python code (unrelated challenge) for DHT11 if at all possible owing to OS.

Been using DS18B20 (in parallel connection mode) on breadboards also since 2013. Defect rate here is lower but again wouldn't want to use these either for any important (let alone mission critical) projects. The BME680 is perhaps more stable and reliable since "faking" costs are higher and therefore infrequently attempted.

Kind regards.