CPU load unexpectedly high after update

Hi, today I´ve updated my RPi4, RPi2 (friend), Ubuntu VM.

On both Pi the CPU load is now unexpectedly high from Node-Red.

before, the load always stays at the red line:

at my friends Pi:

we have nothing changed in Node-Red !
just update/dist-upgrade.

any idea where to debug?

I tried on a 3rd RPi (without update today):

It has just updated nodejs:
Entpacken von nodejs (18.17.1-deb-1nodesource1) über (18.17.0-deb-1nodesource1) ...
nodejs (18.17.1-deb-1nodesource1) wird eingerichtet

but here it is inconspicuous after the update:

only slightly increased

It isn't clear what the lines on the chart are, and what has changed on the graph between before and after.

Have you looked to see what is consuming the CPU?

What was your aim in running sudo apt dist-upgrade?

It is a good idea to keep systems up to date, particularly if they have access to the internet. Packages can have security updates applied and those should be picked up.

That's not the normally recommended command to update a Raspberry Pi though, hence my question.

Oh I see, yes the modern command is sudo apt full-upgrade but the old style still works sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and for compatibility that has also been added to apt as sudo apt dist-upgrade. They all do the same thing as I understand it.

can I see within the process node-red, who is causing the high load?

the both RPi who has the high load use modbus contrib - the 3rd RPi who has no higher load today, hasn´t the modbus contrib.

I found the cause: Grafana Update.

I was the only one today.

Well wrong forum, thanks anyway.

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