Node20 strange cpu load >200% in first 5 minutes after (re)boot . malware infected?

upgrading my two dozen raspberry pis to latest node-red and node20 versions, i see a mysterious increase in processor load > 200% (using top cmd) only after (re)boot of machine w/ node-red & node20 for exact 5 (!) minutes. start/stop of nod-red/node then does not excessively increase processor load.

this happens only under node20 on all raspberry pi models 2B .. 4B under buster, bullseye, bookworm even after fresh install with the initial empty flow.

how can this be??? i neither have knowledge nor resources to research what is going on.

is it "only me"? if not, how can i help?

Welcome to the forum @sgalke.

What processes are hogging the processor?

Edit: I have upgraded a Pi 4 to nodejs 20 and don't see any such problem.

initially node, then node-red. all other processes are normal ( mostly 0% or a few % processor time ). After exactly 5 minutes after the restart, the spook is over.

Is node-red apparently operating normally during that time?

After the 5 minutes is up, run
journalctl -u nodered -b 0 --no-pager
and copy/paste the output here. Copy/paste please, not screenshot. Preferably do this on a system that does not produce a lot of output in the node-red log.

ok. just a moment, i will reinstall node20 ...

After reinstalling Node20, I can't reproduce the issue. Strange. Sorry for the noise. Thank you for your help.

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