Create a chart from an array of object taken from a libreoffice calc file

good morning,
I state that I am new to this platform and I am not at all expert in Javascript. I need to do a project in which I have to take data from a sheet of libreoffice calc and create a chart with those. I found a program that creates me a graph with variable axes but I can't insert the values ​​contained in the array of objects as graph values. Here I am attaching a photo of my program.

this is the program for the chart:

var temp=[];
var time_float = 0;
var temp_float=0;

temp[0] = 24.5
temp[1] = 26
temp[2] = 28
temp[3] = 30

time[0] = 1552215913000
time[1] = 1552218111000 
time[2] = 1552225320000 
time[3] = 1552232527000

var i=0;
var dataarray = [[]];

for (i=0; i< 4; i++) {
time_float = Number(time[i]);
temp_float = Number(temp[i]);
dataarray[0][i] = {"x":time_float,"y":temp_float};


var chart = [{
    "series":["Temperature ="],

msg.payload = chart;

return msg;

and this is how the data of libreoffice calc are taken

Screenshot (7)

Thanks in advance.

You need to look at the built in help for the chart node.

It explains (and gives an example) of the required data format

there is one problem. When i click in the site it says "page not found".
I'm in italy so i need a vpn to open it?
Thanks in advance

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