Create a clickable list/table to populate text fields

Hi, I am new to node red and I want to create a ui with a data list (table) on one side and text fields on the other. I then want to click on a row/cell of the list and populate the text fields based on a value (e.g. ID field) in the list. At the moment I have a table node that I am using to list my data. I am sorry to say I have nothing but if anyone can just point me in a direction. Can anyone help me please?

I think that the ui table node uses a standard library so you will need to check the library on how to code in a click handler. Such that when you click on a row/cell, it calls a function passing in the row or cell reference.

I'm afraid that you are going to need to know how to do some front-end coding - mainly in JavaScript.

The ui_table node has a configuration option to output data from a row that was clicked. If you enable this option and attach a debug node in the output of the ui_table you will see how the data if structured. You may want to add a few switch nodes to branch the output of the ui_table where each branch will have a ui text widget.


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Thank you very much @TotallyInformation!. I will definitely use what you said to make it work! I will let you know the outcome.

Thank you for the reply @Andrei!. I will definitely implement this and let you know what happens!

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