Create a Node-Red Datalogging

I'm new to the Node-Red Community.
I'd like to know if Node-Red has the capability to perform data logging, if yes, where these data will be stored? in a DB?

Please advise.


You can store them wherever you like. Node red can access many types of databases or you can log to files. Which databse to use depends on the data you want to store and what you want to do with it.

Hi Colin, Thanks for the reply.
I'd like to log temperature data from a PLC, store them and create an average temp for every season. I would need to log these data for one year, after that, the AVG data extracted and calculated inside Node-Red will be pushed to the PLC to update the threshold alarm setpoint

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As you are looking to hold data for a long time, memory would be out of the question so I would definitely recommend a database for this. With a database, you also get the benefit of being able to execute a simple query to get the average.

For ease, you might consider SQLite.

of course, you could also just log the average temperature over the course of 1 day into PLC memory & compute a rolling average of 365 samples in the PLC itself :slight_smile:

See this video for a good intro to Node-RED + Influx + Grafana: Not sure if you have seen it before or if it would be helpful, but it was for me.

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