Data storage and defined time checking

Can I storage in Node-Red the values that I have been receiving and then, when I want see them depending the hour that I want to check?

There are many different database nodes available for Node-RED that you could use in a flow.You could then store the values in a database to achieve your requirements

And if I want to see which value was taking 2 hours can I see it clearly?

What you store in a database is entirely up to you, but if you stored the time then yes, you could send a query to the database to get back the data you wished.

The benefit of using a database is you can also access that outside of Node-RED as well.

There are lots of tutorials online that will explain how to get this working with Node-RED such as this one

If you want to work with time series data - e.g. tell me average power consumption per hour over the last 7 days - InfluxDB is an excellent choice and widely used by members of this community.

If you don't need that level of complexity for your time based queries, a SQL database would be fine.