Create an event scheduler, like cron, time

being able to add several times in the same day

Have you set up a flow to test? Without the front-end part as that is just a distraction if you can't get the basic part going. Perhaps you can share that?

can't imagine where I put it in my flow, so that it does the work I need; which is to be able to schedule several times on the same day

You need to try this flow from Steve - it is mentioned in the 1st of the links I gave you:

but I have difficulty with the language, and I couldn't understand his reasoning

OK, back to basics then. inject-cron+-debug.

Now open the settings for cron+ and add 2 entries that overlap each other. Say 1 that runs 5 minutes passed every hour and one that runs 10 minutes past each hour. Obviously you may wish to speed that up so you do not need to wait an hour. If that works, set up the JSON to do the same thing but injected and then remove the manual entries. If that works, now you know what you need to send from your web front-end.

do you have a model ready to give me the json file?

What do you want? What are you trying to achieve?

Have you read the help in the side bar when you click on the cron-plus node?

Have you tried the samples provided in node-red>menu>import>examples>cron-plus.

There are a few that will help you.

hi my friend
I'm trying to set up an event scheduler, type (timer) in which I would like to set days of the week and time and that it activates relay (load)
but I don’t have the necessary mental abastration, someone would have to pass me a pass-by-step, because I am very young in node-red ... (the idea is that I would use this to determine the time to irrigate my garden)