Scheduler for different days

hi this is Sahar , i try preparing a dashboard for control some devices, for that i need an schedule program to chose any times at day for choose scenario of how working ,like next month at that day , at that time to that time choose A , i found some different nodes , but I'm not sure about them , for example smart schedule for home i dont us mqtt , i want to send information t databas . is any one can help m to found the better way for that ?

Have you looked at 'cron-plus' ?
This node allows all sorts of schedules to be created.

It supports the same syntax as the Linux 'cron' command.

Another node worth looking at is 'bigtimer'.


thank you for your response , yes i have tried them , but they are not for dashboard , i want operator have access to prepare schedule at dashboard ,

No but they can easily be set by dashboard input.


Obviously that example is purely for demonstration purposes. You can style the dashboard however you please. The point is it is possible and flexible to your requirements.


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