Node Red Scheduler - how to make it repeat itself everyday?

Hi Guys,
I'm quote new to Node Red and i'm looking forward to using node red in my home automation project. I'm currently using this node ( to set my scheduler on the UI interface. Any ideal how to make it repeat itself each and everyday instead of having to set it a head of time. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance guys.

Hi, I dont know that node but you can achieve this with the cron-plus node as it is fully dynamic.

there is a dashboard example in the built in examples (use CTRL+I --> examples). (and here too)

If I understood the question correctly and you want to set a timer that runs every single day, then just create a timer and tick every single day. Here is an example:


The first timer runs every single day from 08:00 to 12:00. The second timer only runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Both will run every week, the whole year.

@fellinga thanks bro. I got it running..

@Steve-Mcl Hi Steve, thanks for your suggestion. This works as well but is a bit too complicated for the users. :slight_smile:

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