Weekly Time scheduler

I am new in Node-RED and I wanna ask something. Is it possible to design something like on the screen?


I found a lot of timers and schedules, but all of them are bad for my purposes . I want to user decide when timer goes on. How to do that? HTML and JS ?


Certainly. But you will have to build it.

I’m working on an interface at the moment that allows both once-on events happening at a specific moment, as well as an event at the start and one at the end with a specific payload. It’s using node-red-contrib-cron-plus for the scheduling and node-red-contrib-uibuilder for the interface on the inside. It’s a slow process as I’m still learning to work with this component library but I’m pleasantly surprised with the results so far. The interface is similar to the Microsoft Outlook builtin calendar/scheduler, so easy on usability.

A lot of work to create, but yes it is possible.

Take a look at Peter Scargill's Home Control system as it might give you some ideas to consider.