Looking for a node to pick time. GUI

The date node is nice to pick a date.....

Is there one to pick a time in a similar way?

What date node? there are a few :slight_smile:

What are you needing? A dashboard time scheduler like the ui_scheduler node?

Or one for the editor...

The date node that comes stock with the dashboard.

Only to keep things separate, I am asking here. It is to do with that other question.
I'm trying a different approach / scheme to attack the problem.

Sorry, I haven't been tracking whatever topic you are referring too.

EDIT.. OK found it - Looking for a GUI node for schedule but can't find what I need. I think it would have been better to stay in that topic.

(Sorry.... )

I am trying to make a GUI date/time picker that is adjustable from the GUI.

The node you suggested doesn't quite cut the mustard for what I want to do.

So I am just looking for different ways to skin this cat.

The text input node does it!

Sorry. I knew it was there somewhere.

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