Create Customized Production Report using Omron FINS

Hello, I am searching for ways to create customized reports from Omron PLC. Basically my plan is to use Omron FINS protocol, and I have done work related to creating reports on csv formatted file using Omron RS485, through the Node-Red platform. I will share the template below, please suggest if there are any ways for filling data into excel files of this type. Thanks!

If you are able to do it with serial data, then it should be pretty much identical except where you get the data from!

What part are you stuck on?

Hi Steve. For my previous work, I simply created 1 csv file per day with custom name and the data fill method was totally different from the current template I'm using. The old report that I made looks like the picture attached below :-

My concern now is, as the report format I showed earlier had a specified format, how am I able to destine each data into a specified cell? For example, I want to fill data D1 to D10 from Omron PLC memory to the excel report specifically on cells B10 to B19. This is where I'm facing an issue.

So this really has nothing to do with Omron. The data could be random, or from a vacuum cleaner :wink:

I guess the real question is how to generate formatted reports from data?

Have you tried anything? For example, there are several excel nodes in the flow library?

Have a look at those, give the promising ones a go.

Head back with specific questions if you get stuck.

I'm no excel expert, but couldn't that be achieved by excel itself, transferring data from your 'old' spreadsheet to the new template. Macro function?

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