OMRON-PLC read and write

Hi guys, I need to read and write data from an Omron-plc (CP1L) to a raspberry pi 4 with :
1- rs 232 to USB cable or
2- USB-b To USB or
3- rs232 to ethernet cable using node-red. Can you please help me?

Do you have an Ethernet module fitted to the PLC?

If not, then you could (probably) use the CP1W-CIF41 Omron adaptor to give the PLC ethernet THEN you can use this node: node-red-contrib-omron-fins (node) - Node-RED


Hi, thank you for your reply. I ordered an Ethernet to RS232 module. But I don't know how to set up the fins nodes. Can you please explain to me?

Which module?

FINS is an Ethernet protocol - meaning it needs to connect to the PLC Ethernet stack (without serial in the mix)

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So with which node I can read data from my PLC with this R3232 to ethernet module?

I have been working on a C-MODE (host protocol) addition that might do the job (but it is not released - only in a development branch) other than that, you can build CMODE (host protocol) commands in node-red and send them (via serial or to a serial server) and process the response. The OMRON manuals have extensive details on hostlink protocol.

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Thank you . With this device that I have I can add a VCOM port and I can set a host IP address . Still doesn't work with fins nodes ?

Do you already have the Ethernet-serial device?

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yes ,

Ok, so could you open a putty or hyperterminal, connect the the VCOM and transmit @00RD0000001057* followed by a CR (carriage return AKA ASCII 13 - you can do this with alt - 1 - 3 on number keypad if enter key doesnt work)

Do you get a response?

If not,

  • are you using an official OMRON Serial Cable?
  • have you set the Serial Server settings to match PLC settings? ( I see you have set speed 57600 8-n-1 - does this match the COM port settings of the PLC)
  • do you see the COM LED flicker on the PLC?

If none of that works, please state exactly what your setup is (including cable numbers, pin outs, PLC settings etc)

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