Create Flow from Flow

Hey I am new to Node-Red so forgive me if this question is stupid :smiley:

I want to make a Flow, which creates a new Flow from an injected json file at the first one. Is it possible to create a Flow in a Flow without using the "Import"-button at all?

There are no stupid questions. :sunglasses:

First, it should be possible to push new flows using the Admin HTTP API, the same API that is used by the Editor itself.

However, modifying the environment in such a way doesn't come without risks. Are these flows generated from user data outside of your control? In any way, you could end up with a non-functioning runtime and security issues.

And since you are new to Node-RED, I think you should get a grasp of all the basic concepts before doing something such advanced. I have been using Node-RED for many years and many different use-cases, and never had the need for such metaprogramming.

So what is your actual use-case? Could it be solved in other (simpler) ways? I think that should be discussed first, before diving in too deep. :grinning:

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At first thanks for the fast answer.

The data generating the flows are under my control and nobody else can change something. So i don't think the problems you mentioned would affect me.

To be honest i'm surprised that it is that difficult. My first step was to find a node in the library :smiley:
So as you say im starting with some easier stuff.

I'm in a company right now (its a confusing system, im switching between university and work), to find out and write a little bit about Low-Code. With that said my supervisor told me to write a programm, which converts a json file to a flow of any Low-Code platform.

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