Create message from variable?


Is possible to generate a msg from a variable ?

Suppose I need a msg , like msg.Out.
But, "Out" comes from the variable.

var x = "Out";
var value = "abc";
(function or something else) => msg.Out = value;

You're likely looking at payload:

I need to generate new (and multiple) msg with variable name.

Well, then still see the working with messages documentation. The msg is an object, which means you can talk to it like an object. if you were to hardcode things you can use msg.Out to reference that property, but since it is an object you can instead use msg['Out'] to do the same. And instead of putting a string 'Out' there you can put your variable there. Simply said,

var x = "Out";
var value = "abc";
msg[x] = value;
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Thanks, afelix , is working