Creating a chart in excel csv-file

Hello everyone,

I'm a student and for a project i have to extract 2 dataflows from a plc (Already done with S7 comm), then i have to make an excel-file with a chart made from those dataflows. and this chart also has to be displayed on the dashboard.

Note: one of the data flows has to be the x-axis.

Can anyone help me cause I don't know where to start.

Do you need the chart in Excel or just on the Dashboard?

One of the two it doesn't matter

The easier of the two is the Dashboard. If you want to do it in Excel, you should set up an xlsx file and use PowerQuery to incorporate the CSV files then do a chart from that. Then all you need to do is to export the new CSV files each time and refresh the data in the xlsx file, the chart will update.

For Dashboard, you can add a UI chart node and feed it the data direct from your inputs.

Thanks for your reply!
But how do i get one of the dataflows to be the x-axis instead of the time?

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