Creating a dashboard from a CSV file

Hi guys, I am very new to node red and I hope someone can help me out. I have been tasked with building a special dashcam using Raspberry Pi, consisting of many sensors like accelerometer, rain sensor, pressure sensor etc.

I have been programming using Python 3 in Raspberry Pi for awhile and I have all my code done and ready. Currently, all the sensors are saving their data to a CSV file for future retrieval.

I was wondering if there is any way for Node-Red to utilize the CSV file, retrieve the data row by row, and display the data in an intuitive manner when I want to playback the data. I hope that someone can teach me in-depth on how to do this if it is possible. Thanks in advance. Here is the CSV file! Capture|690x468

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You will find nodes that will read a file and process a CSV into a JavaScript object which is your starting point. There are many ways to display such output and you will need to work out your own I think. Just remember that Dashboard uses the Angular v1.0 framework which has components that let you loop over source data such as yours and use the data from each row in the display.

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