Creating a flow to show data from CSV FILE

Flow wants to read a local file, but node-red is running on a remote server.

please guide me what exactly I need to do.

Your node red instance is running on a server ""

You are trying to write file to your local pc. This is not something the node-red can access.

Two options:

  1. Write and read the file to a server location
  2. Make a local install to get this to work

If the server is a windows machine i believe the official file node specifications say you need an absolute path to the file. However today i was suprised to learn this is not needed in my windows 10 environment.

You could try to leave the filepath out and just use a filename.

I usually take the .txt format i am not sure wether .csv is supported

Or use option 1 to write it on the server and then download it to the local PC.

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