'Save to file' node problem

Hello! It may be a stupid question, but I am very newbie with Node-Red. I am using Node-Red online, I mean, with my internet browser (so I don't have it installed). The thing is that when I use the 'Save to file' node, I can't save it anywhere. I write the full path like "C:\New Folder\data.csv" but any file is created. Any idea? Sorry if this question does not fill here.
Thanks in advance!!!.

Node-RED file nodes work on the file system where Node-RED is installed - in this case - the cloud server you are running it on

So you won't be able to save files locally on your windows machine.

You will need to install it on your machine to save/read files locally

Just to clarify that, there are ways to save a server file to your local PC - via a download. It's just that is different to Node-RED's file output node which, as Simon say's, saves to the server.

Yes, I supposed that I could not save it locally. Thanks for your answer guys, it cleared my mind.
Do you know any of the "ways" you are telling me to save them via download?
Thanks in advance

All you need is to provide a link to it, the browser will do the rest.

The easiest way is to set up the static folder in settings.js and then save your file to that folder. Finally set up a web page with a link. Click the link and the file will download as long as it isn't a file type that the browser understands how to show (e.g. html, css, javascript, etc).

mmm seems tricky. I will investigate that. Thank you!!