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hello everyone, I will put you in context, I have my red node installed on my laptop (windows) and I save a csv file for example in some folder on my laptop, now if I open the red node panel of another laptop and I want to save another file csv, that file is saved but on my main laptop and I want it to be saved on the other laptop, in conclusion there will be some way to save files locally but on the device where one is currently, I hope I made myself understood, thanks in advance.

So node-red is running on device A and you open a browser on device A and when you save a file, it is stored locally on device A.

Then you open a browser on device B to access NR running on device A and when you save a file it is stored on Device A.

This is because NR stors files locally meaning device A. In order to store the file on device B, device A would have to have access to the folder where you want to store it on device B. And what happens if you use device C to access NR?

You could have a network drive that add the devices (A,B and C) have access to and store the file there but you will need to think about the implications and any security concerns about the documents you are saving.

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Alternatively you could download the file in the browser to save it locally.

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