Saving file returned by http request to local

Hi All,

I am making HTTP request on below link using HTTP Request node. This HTTP request returns a file and I want to save this file to my local drive. Can anyone please advise how can I do the same.


Send the payload/file to a file node.

Hi @Steve-Mcl , thanks for your response! However I am unable to find file node in nodered. I can see below nodes on typing "file" in search.

  1. download
  2. upload
  3. write file
  4. read file


You need to search the node menu, top left:

Hi @ghayne ,

I searched in the node menu, however I can see below nodes only. As per @Steve-Mcl 's response, I have to use 'file' node for saving file returned by http request. Could you please help me finding 'file' node.


Write file is the node you need.

Just to note that the write file node writes to the Node-RED SERVER's filing system. Don't confuse that with your laptop's filing system which will be different unless you are running Node-RED on your laptop.

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