Creating a message using fixed strings and strings typed in a text box


I am using the dashboard plugin to generate control messages to be sent to a remote system by MQTT. I will give the example of one of the control functions, as the others are similar in structure.

If I want to set the Real Time Clock of my remote system, I will send a MQTT message to a specific topic, and this message is something like:


where "password" is a password to be sent so only admins can change the RTC, and "HH:MM:SS" is the current time. The message must include the quotes.

I want to have a dashboard with one text box to type the password and one text box to type the current time. Then I want the flow to react when current time is typed (not the password), or when a button is pressed in the dashboard. Reaction must be sending a concatenation of password and current time, and also quotes and comma, and the sending of the whole string to a MQTT out.

I want the content of the password text box to be stored, because it will be used in other commands. A string variable, maybe?

So, any hints, or maybe a step-by-step for doing all these tasks? I consider myself still a newbie in node-red.

Thanks in advance.

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