Creating a new node issue

I had created a new node with the help of the creating node tutorials, but it is giving error as package.json file is not found, while installing my custom node I'm getting this error.

Please help me out......

Package.json not found usually means that it can’t find a file with that name. It includes all information about your project and how to install it, such as its name and what nodes it is installing/what dependencies it has.

Have you checked that 1) you have created the package.json file following the instructions, and 2) that you’re installing the correct folder that does contain that file? If you’ve done both, please provide more information.

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I have created everything now its working fine, but i have another problem i.e.,
I have created normal custom node now, but now I want to change that custom node to websocket node i have the code in the below link:

So with this code i replaced that created node's code but when I replaced successfully that node just got removed from node-red, Can you please help me with this

Sorry, not really clear what you've done.

Are you saying that you replace the code in your custom node with the code from the websocket node? If so, did you change all of the references to the node's name? Because if not, then your node will not be installed since one of the same name will already exist.

The Node-RED log will probably tell you this.

If this is what you've done, can I please suggest that you go back to the docs on creating custom nodes and re-read? Since you seem to be missing some fundamental understanding.

Otherwise, if that is not what you've done, can you please try to explain in some more detail?

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