Creating a test framework to test the movement of my machine without needing to connect my ma


We have a machine that uses a configuration node to be able to work. For example we have movement node that moves this machine from a place to another and that movement node would be using the configuration node A.

Now, we wanted to create unit Testing for the movement node without connecting the machine.

To do so we created an another configuration node B that acts as a simulation to make the configuration node A believe that the machine is connected.

In the test.js we import the flow which includes our 2 configuration nodes A and B as well as the respective movement nodes.

The problem is that the test fails or timesout and we believe that this is because the configuration nodes that are given as inputs in the flow.

So can you provide me with an example with unit testing that is testing on nodes that are using the configuration nodes or tell us how to create a test for such problem.

Thanks in advance.

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