Unit testing configuration node

Is it possible to unit test config nodes in isolation? If so, how do I go about doing it?

I am also interested in this. What I've tried so far was not successful.

  1. I manually tested that I can create and connect to a remote host with the config node so I know it works.
  2. I then tried to write a unit test that proves that the config node is loaded by checking that one of it's properties exists.
  3. The test failed.
    it('should be loaded', (done) => {
        var flow = [{ id: "n1", type: "qsys-core", host: "" }];
        helper.load(qsysCore, flow, () => {
            var n1 = helper.getNode("n1");
            try {
                n1.should.have.property('host', '');
            } catch (err) {

Caveat: There are surely people with more experience with this sort of thing than I on the forum. My failed unit test may be the result of some silly typo or missed declaration that I haven't yet tracked down.

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