Creating nodes in node-red containers

I want to create new nodes and install them to the "node_modules" in a node-red docker container running on my system. How can i do this?
I am familiar with creating and packaging new nodes in Node-red installed locally in my system.
I am very new to docker. Any leads will be really helpfull.

Are you using docker for a reason? It does add complexity.

If you do need to use it then I believe the node red docs include examples of how to install additional packages. Running under Docker : Node-RED

Yes. I am developing a lowcode edge application on node-red and it need to be containerized for cloud deployment.

If you are creating a specific application you would probably be best to create your own custom docker image - see node-red-docker/docker-custom at master · node-red/node-red-docker · GitHub - then you have full control over the DockerFile and can build in your extra nodes and indeed the flow file if that is also going to be "static".

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I documented how to use docker with FlexDash, including how to install packages temporarily and more persistently: Docker - FlexDash LMK if you have questions. (The docs are not specific to FlexDash.)

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