Cron+ excessive logging at startup

I may of asked this previously, sorry... but @Steve-Mcl can you please turn off Cron+ logging events in the node-RED log?
Such detailed logging can be useful when finding a problem, but as I've added more and more Cron+ events my startup log is being polluted with pages of Cron+ information that I don't really need or want to see.
Maybe better if it was set to log at Debug level, or be able to enable/disable via a tick box?

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I think you did. And I could swear I slimmed it down?

Could you DM a screenshot or copy/paste log so I can assess please Paul?


This is one page with my logging set to info - which should record information about the general running of the application + warn + error + fatal errors



Maybe they could be moved to debug or trace instead of info?

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