Cron-plus send current schedule on deploy/start-all

I have a question for users of the node node-red-contrib-cron-plus.
Is there a way for making sending the current active schedule o deploy or when activating the node itself?

I have an automation where I do different things between 1h and 7h and other between 7h to 1h.
This automation has a master on/off switch that I can toggle from HA.
I have two schedules in cronplus that sets the mode. Lets say day/night (isn't!).
Then in the flow on sensors pulse I first check if the master switch is active and then in what mode we are. It's stored in context.

So when I have the master switch disabled I send an stop-all command. And start-allupon re-enable. But I need then the cronplus node to send the current period we are in. But It doesn't. It only sends an status message.

Is it possible?
Or, any suggestions for a replacement?

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