Cross Platform App with React Native

Greetings to all contributers

I am new to Node-RED and want to build a IOT app which can run on multiple platforms(os).

can i use React native in node-RED ?

Do you mean run Node-RED as a library inside a React Native app or use Node-RED running on a server together with a React Native app?

If running on a server, you could use NR as a backend to an app by creating http endpoints using http in nodes for example. You would then call the endpoints like any other web API.

Node-RED is a server so you can, as @ristomatti says, use it to serve up both data for your app and the front-end code for the app if you are thinking of using a web app (as opposed to a native app which would need to be deployed via the appropriate app stores though Node-RED could still serve up the data - effectively acting as an API server).

You don't need to but might find it useful to use uibuilder to help you build a data-driven web ui and, with some care, that app could be made offline capable as well so that it behaves more like a native app.

Just note that uibuilder comes with VueJS support out of the box rather than REACT. But you can ignore that and install REACT instead.

Also note that web apps don't necessarily get access to all native mobile features.

Finally also note that, if using Node-RED to provide a service over the Internet, you will need to take note of the various security advice that has been given many times here on the forum and elsewhere.

thanks @ristomatti i mean using node-RED as a backend where i can write my logic , data handling, communication with other APIs and devices. and a FronEnd which will be an application running on Android, IOS and Web browser (a hybrid app)

thanks @TotallyInformation i will go with UI builder and check the possibilities. thanks for the information

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