Cryptojs hmac sha256 node output

I am using crypto js hmac sha256 node.
Previously I was getting different output for different message in the debug node.
Recently I have been getting same value for any message node which is incorrect.

Can anyone please explain me why I am getting the same output in debug node for different messages?

Please tell us which node you are using (node-red-contrib-something possibly) and post a flow with two inject nodes, the crypto node and a debug node. Configure the two inject nodes with different data that gives the same results in the debug node. Then we shall be able to test to see whether we see the problem.

I assume you have added a debug node showing what it going into the node and checked that you are passing in what you think you are.

Thanks for your reply
I was using Simatic IoT2040 and node red.
The issue is solve once I restarted my IoT device.
Even though I don't know why I was getting the same value.
In the debug node I was getting a constant value only, which was same for any different message though.

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