CSS command to change the color of sidenav dashboards texts

hi everyone, sorry is there anyone who knows how to change the color of sidenav dashboards texts

What are sidenav dashboards texts?

Edit: only 3 words and yet I transcribed one of them wrong. :roll_eyes:

Add a style that targets them in a ui-template set for "head" mode.

how can i do that

Do what?

  • Add a ui-template set for head mode?
  • Add a style that targets the text?
  • Set CSS that changes text colour?

i managed to change background color of side menu by using this css code below

body.nr-dashboard-theme md-sidenav {
color: rgb(255, 255, 255);

but am not able to change texts color of side menu

then you likely need a more specific specifier.

body.nr-dashboard-theme md-sidenav ul > li > span {
   color: rgb(255, 255, 255);

NOTE: I made that specifier ^ up - I dont use dashboard so cant tell you what a more specific specifier might be

If all else fails, hack it with an !important directive

body.nr-dashboard-theme md-sidenav ul > li > span {
   color: rgb(255, 255, 255) !important;

what does that codes do?

Sorry, what is your question?

You do know what CSS is right?

What are you asking - about which part?

  • specificity ?
  • the > ?
  • the !important ?
  • all of it ?

I needto change the color of each side menu dashboards texts

Then write CSS with a more specific CSS selector that targets the text items.

Use the browsers devtools to find & determine what the selector looks like.

Then add a CSS class that set the color

i gave you an example already BUT since i dont use dashboard I CANNOT tell you what the more specific selector would be - you will need to determine that using the browsers devtools.

example: web scraping - How can I get the CSS Selector in Chrome? - Stack Overflow

I don't believe that CSS changes the background color of the dashboard side menu.

However, referring you back to an answer I gave when you were trying to change the background color (which, like my question above, you didn't bother to respond to)

I think the relevant bit of the template theme now is Group Text.

A quick search of the forum reveals many solutions.

Here are 2:

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