Custom node, dynamic editor by ajax

Hello, everyone,
I'd like to create a custom node, with dynamic editor, which changes it's form controls (like dropdown options) with ajax inside. Is it possible to implement within oneditprepare? Or should I use ui dashboard instead?

I go through google and find something very approximate here, still unsure of the limit of node editor

Your oneditprepare function can contain whatever javascript you need in order to build the edit dialog. We include jQuery as the utility library of choice.

A lot of the core nodes are examples of building the edit dialogs dynamically - such as the Switch and Change nodes - although none use ajax.

Thanks for your quick response. Sorry if I didn't tell the question clearly.

What I want to implement is like a multi-select form control, which is more dynamic than config properties of subflow. Let's call it a configuable dataset.

  • When editing the node, I could change some form control (let's say filter fields), and request data api to populate results for multiple selection.

  • The selected results could be passed out on input msg.

This seems to be easy with website client. I don't know if it is suitable or possible to implement in a custom node.

After more searching, I found a solution by you earlier which seems to be exactly I want..

Let's make it clear.. the editor dialog is just same with a running web client, and can do whatever I want with a remote server.. right?

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