Custom Node Missing HTML based on Core Http Request node


I created a custom node based on the core HTTP Request Node. Currently only trying to replicate the core before adding additional functionality. I have copied the code for the request node into mine but some of the html related to checkbox labels, dropdown options, etc are missing. Where can I find the full version of code which includes this or how are these fields populated as I do not see it written in the 21-httprequest.html file?

My code copied from the github

My concern is less so with html code for labels but more so with the concern that I may be missing other parts of code which I am not aware of.

I have tried searching the github repo but for some reason it does not come up.

Similar to how I am unable to search for the help text page for a core node. For example I can copy text from the help description and search the repo but the help page for httprequest.html never comes up. This may be out of scope for this question but can someone with more github experience show me how I can modify the search to get the desired result?


Most of the labels probably come from here node-red/messages.json at master · node-red/node-red · GitHub

However please note that the http-request node is based on the now unsupported request library - so at some point fairly soon we are going to have to re-create it based on another library. (as yet undecided) - so you may want to pick another one yourself if you are creating a node for serious use.

That's exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!
How do nodes know to pull from that specific file? I see the labels match the html in the request node but I don't see how it maps from request node html/js files to the messages.json.

How can I incorporate similar formatting within my custom node. I would add the .json file of labels to my folder but from there what code can link the two?

Yes I noticed and was wondering whether I'll need to use a different library (I'd probably use postman-request). I'd be interested in joining the conversation on re-creating it based on another library. I'm self teaching myself software dev and know I need to learn how to contribute to open-source development so helping on something like this would be good experience.

Hi @dmitri678

The core nodes get to do things slightly differently to contrib nodes.

For your custom node, you will need to follow the guide here: Internationalisation : Node-RED

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