How to do http request from contrib node

Is there is any library available for HTTP request in contrib node.

Hi Kiran,
I assume you are developing your own custom node, and you want to do a http call on the server side. Then have a look at the request library.

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Hi BartButenaer

Thanks for your help. So as per your suggestion first I need install request library right ?
So now custom node depends on request library
If user haven't request library custom node will not work ?

If you are making a custom node, then your node will have a package.json file that lists the npm modules it depends on - such as the request module.

You can always have a look at one of the existing http request related contributions, to have an example of what Nick has just explained...

For example the node-red-contrib-http-request node has the following two dependencies in its package.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "request": "^2.74.0",
    "mustache": "^2.2.1"

As a result, the request-library will be downloaded and installed automatically (when users install that custom node).

In this document you can read about the semantic versioning syntax (for [major, minor, patch] ), which you can use in your package.json file dependencies section. E.g. in the above package.json file they have used ^ , which means a caret range: the contribution needs minimal version 2.74.0 but all higher 2.x.x versions are allowed. But it doesn't allow a higher major version 3.x.x because major version might break backwards compatibility (so it might cause this contribution to fail).

That is what I understand from it ...

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Thanks a lot!

That's solve my problem!

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