Issues on for new version of my node

Hi folks,

I have published version 1.0.1 of my node-red-contrib-xterm node, but I have some issues with it:

  1. On my readme page is empty for some reason.

  2. The scorecard reports issues with my dependencies:


    However one of the changes of this version is an update of the dependencies to their latest version, and an addition of a ^

     "dependencies": {
        "xterm": "^4.17.0",
        "xterm-addon-fit": "^0.5.0",
        "node-pty-prebuilt-multiarch": "^0.10.1-pre.4"

    Isn't that a correct way to do semantic versioning? Because I do it already since a long time that way (as described here), and had never problems with it meanwhile...

Would appreciate if somebody could have a look at what I am doing wrong.

Thanks !!

Somebody will probably have to look at the problem with the readme, but I'll guess the versioning is because of the node-pty-prebuilt-multiarch node because it's a pre-release version.

I'd guess that it's the first node (or at least noticed) with a version like that the scorecard code has seen and may need looking at.

Hey @hardillb,
Is there some kind of log avalable where we can try to find ourselves the root cause? Or can it only be analyzed perhaps by installing and debugging that application?

You can install the node-red-dev tool locally.

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As Nick mentioned you can run the score card app node-red-dev easily yourself.

There is no public log for the flows app and while you can run it yourself (All the code it on github) it's probably more effort than it's worth at the moment.

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Ok that is indeed useful.
Now at least I see the error text: "node-pty-prebuilt-multiarch is not at latest version, package.json specifies: ^0.10.1-pre.4, latest is: 0.10.0".

But I am not sure whether that is entirely correct, because the latest version (and indeed also the most downloaded version) is this one:


But when I debug the node-red-dev tool, then the npm-check library shows another latest version:

It seems to me that the npm-check library calculates a incorrect latest version. However since the npm-check library doesn't seem to be actively maintained, I am not going to investigate this further because they won't solve it anyway...

Case closed!!

Could you raise an issue on node-red-dev with these details?

The underlying module may appear unmaintained, but that doesn't mean we want our tool to be reporting incorrect results.

Ok thanks Nick, makes sense what you say...
I have registered an issue with the required information.

Morning @hardillb,
I am getting the impression that the flow library doesn't like my readme pages :wink:
I just release the new version of the node-red-contrib-ui-multistate-switch, and again the readme page is empty.
There is only a link (to the readme page) added to the readme page. So that cannot caused this...

Hi @BartButenaers

It isn't us... its npm. If you look at the API response from the registry for your node, you can see the readme property is empty -

This happens from time to time - not sure what causes it, or it it's just some npm flakiness.

The solution is usually to publish a new version and hope npm picks it up properly.

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