Custom URL for Dashboard

I know that the dashboard only has 1 endpoint but would it be possible to set the tabs to a url such as "serverip:1880/ui/example" ? if so how would you go about doing that?

The documentation for the UI Node says you can change the main endpoint as below. I don't think you can change the address of the tabs.

The last post in here, with some modification might work for you - Configuring a dashboard tab in response to a URL - #6 by Nxito

The default url for the dashboard is based off your existing Node-RED httpRoot path with /ui added. This can be changed in your Node-RED settings.js file - ui: { path: "ui" },

You can also add your own express middleware to handle requests by using the ui: { middleware: your_function } property in settings.js. For example

ui: { path: 'ui', middleware: function (req, res, next) {
            // Do something more interesting here.

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