Customize css for node template

hi everyone I'm trying to use the w3.css framework and use it in the template node.
but when I go to link it locally it doesn't work
link rel = "stylesheet" href = "/ css / w3.css".
but when I link it like this
link rel = "stylesheet" href = ""
everything works.
please can you help me thank.

Have you really got spaces in your folder and file names?

the file I need to include is called w3.css
and is located in c: \ css \ w3.css
while if I include it directly from the server it works

I think it is much more likely that the file is in c:\css\w3.css (no spaces). When you fetch a file from /some/path it looks in wherever you have specified for httpStatic in your settings.js file. Typically you should specify something like
httpStatic: '/home/user/.node-red/static/',
and then put the css files in that folder.

That is for a linux system of course, presumably for Windows you would put the equivalent Windows path in.

thanks you were very kind it works !!! :grinning: :wave:

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