EditorTheme, CSS; Dashboard

Greetings to all

I am trying to implement it in a general way with CSS, for this I have added the following to the setting.js file:

    editorTheme: {
        page: {
            css: "/absolute/path/to/custom/css/file",
        projects: {
            // To enable the Projects feature, set this value to true
            enabled: false

and then create a file file.css where I put the characteristics that will affect the other file, well that's the idea, but it doesn't work for me, please help me with this.

Julio Calle

Hi @juliocalle

If you have added a path of /absolute/path/to/custom/css/file then it isn't going to work because I doubt that is the name of the file.css file you have.

Replace /absolute/path/to/custom/css/file with the full path to where you have saved file.css and restart Node-RED.

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